Retail, Wholesale and Distribution in Russia

Retail, Wholesale and Distribution with dualest

Convinced that these products would one day represent a real market in Russia, we decided to create an exclusive distribution activity of several major French brands specializing in the world of home fragrances, indoor scents and cosmetics.

In 2011, we initiated a close partnership with Lampe Berger Paris. Then in 2012 and 2016 we respectively continued and expanded this retail business with Parfums Esteban and Plantes & Parfums. Other famous foreign brands also contribute to expanding this commercial offer like Woodwick.

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Its managers are in charge of the sales and the implementation of the marketing and press relations services allowing:

  • High visibility of our brands in the national and international specialized trade press,
  • Active sales through our commercial websites (Lampe BergerEsteban Parfums Paris),
  • Promotional activities via social networks,
  • Launches and product presentations at dedicated events, press events,
  • Participation in specialized trade fairs such as Homi Russia, InterCharm, etc.

This strong development of our Distribution business leads us today to be one of the most recognized and important multi-brand distributors specialized in perfumes and indoor scents on the Russian market.

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