Thanks to our operational expertise acquired since 1992 through our historical sales and trading activities, in 1995 we specialized in advising and supporting companies abroad.


The different markets we are dealing with today are mainly those of Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Belarus.


Our teams are led by Amaury A. VILDRAC, Managing Partner, based in Lyon at our Head Office and by Sophie Lanfranchi, Operations Development Director, based in Moscow at our Russian branch.

The services we offer, both strategic and operational, allow us to efficiently and rapidly realize missions of approach, capture of market shares and commercial establishment within the target market.


For the last 20 years, we have offered companies (SMBs) a wide range of services tailored to their export needs, such as commercial prospecting missions (export diagnostics, BtoB, BtoC and BtoG missions, commercial follow-up after missions) and commercial implementation solutions (hiring, hosting, administrative management, accounting interface, startup incubators) to achieve the following objectives:

  • analysis and capture of market shares,
  • sales development,
  • identification of partners,
  • sustainable commercial implementation.

The main business lines in which we operate are home and indoor decoration, agribusiness, wines and spirits, technical textiles, textile apparel, fashion, cosmetics, toys and other items related to the world of childhood, organic and fair trade products, health, environment and finally industrial goods.

Our company is an active member of the O.S.C.I, the national federation of private actors in international trade and is a certified Company of International Accompaniement (S.A.I) since 2005.


This S.A.I label means the application and observance of the following criteria :

– code of ethics of the profession,
– professional third-party liability insurrance,
– quality label OPQCM,
– status as a private accompanying company of export companies collective groups.