export advice and support to EURASIA

Since 1992, we have been accompanying French and international companies towards the development and expansion of their activities in Central Asia, on the Russian and Eurasian market (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia).

Through our commercial representation and trading services, we have developed an expertise that has allowed us to specialize in business support and advice, and this, since 1995.

Indeed, the majority of our customers want to succeed in entering a new sector, with a new audience and adapted strategies. Dualest therefore offers you to accompany and perfect your commercial export project in Russia with personalized approaches and activities to achieve your goals thanks to your activities, your products and your resources.

Our specialty is to make your export to Eurasia a success.

For this, we will introduce you not only to the Russian market, but also to its Russian-speaking neighboring countries: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia from the Eurasian zone. 

Thanks to them and our teams, Dualest’s export support services include :

  • Export advice with our experts ;
  • Personalized individual support and coaching ;
  • Tailor-made market research ;
  • Prospecting for targeted local audiences ;
  • Organization of qualified BtoB appointments ;
  • Development of business streams ;
  •  Post-mission and post-trade show commercial follow-up ;
  •  Creation of on-site subsidiaries for your company ;
  • Administrative and HR missions :
  • Administrative and accounting management
  • Legal assistance in the creation of structures
  • Assistance with certification
  • Recruitment
  • Accommodation
  • Postal address
  • Salary porting

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