Our Company

Our Company is today recognized as one of the leading specialists in the area of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) with a great expertise in these different markets.


We have a large network that is efficiently established throughout this area, whereby we offer and develop all our services to the Russian markets (Moscow and its major regions), Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and some other regional republics such a Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.


Thus, the geographic location of our various structures is spread between Lyon, where our head office is based, Moscow where the majority of our teams are located in our subsidiary (Russian branch) and finally Baku, Almaty and Minsk where we have liaison offices.


Guillaume Dubuis
Founder and CEO


Amaury A. Vildrac
Managing Partner


Anna Mouracheva
Executive Director Dualest Russia Branch


Sophie Lanfranchi
Sales Manager

“Since its creation in 1992, the true strength of our company has stemmed from a passionate commitment to the development of ever more innovative products and services throughout the CIS zone, which is characterized by a high degree of readiness for change. This is all the more true today with our e-commerce and distribution activities (with an innovative store concept) in the world of home fragrances and scents that is currently in full swing”